Penis Enlargement Product Reviews

Here we look at the types of penis enlargement solutions available and compare them with each of their competitors.

There are quite a few penis enlargement products on the market and they all “claim” to be the best out there. But which ones are better to use? and which ones offer the best deal for your money?

That’s what you’re here to find out. We have put together all of this information to help you understand the options available, but if you would just like to see our recommendation, click here and skip the rest.

Below you will see a list of the types of penis enlargment methods available. How much they each cost and also comparisons to their competitors.

Penis Enlargement Product Reviews

Penis Enlargement Pills

Penis pills do NOT work on there own, penis pills however do still have a place in penis enlargement. The pills increase the blood flow in the penis area and this is essential for natural penis enlargement techniques to work. Combining the pills we recommend with exercises will allow you to see dramatic results quickly. It must be stressed that most of these so called “penis pills” are nothing more than a bunch of vitamins you could buy over your local counter – avoid these sites and do your research.

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Penis Enlargement Product Reviews

Penis Enlargement Patches

Compare the Natural Penis Enlargement Patch sites here for more information.


Penis Enlargement Exercises

As with anything to do with our bodies, exercise is the best and most gauranteed way of building up muscles in our bodies. The penis is no differant. With a series of unique workouts you can build your penis to the sizes you have always dreamed of.

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Penis Enlargement Product Reviews

Penis Enlargement Traction Devices

There are various mechanical devices hitting the penis enlargement market. Most of these are just stretching devices or weights. You need to combine this device with other exercises in a penis enlargement program. This device would basically replace the Jelq in your workout program. It gives you a more advanced and intense Jelq workout and this of course will guarantee that you see gains quicker. If you are getting bored of doing the Jelq or you feel your workout program is not as intense as it could be then this product can help.

Compare the Penis Enlargement Traction Device sites here for more information.

Penis Enlargement Product Reviews

Penis Enlargement Surgery

These procedures usually involve harvesting fat cells or strips of tissue from other parts of the body to be inserted or grafted to the penis.

These methods may bring about unwanted complications or side effects. These may include infections, bleeding, bruising, or painful scarring, reduced angle of erection making the penis susceptible to injury, reabsorption of fat cells leading to penis shortening, asymmetry and deformities, soft erections, permanent numbness, loss of sexual function, and impotence.

Aside from being risky and dangerous, surgery is also a costly option. The costs of the different types of cosmetic penile surgery can set you back from $3,000.00 to as much as $10,000.00!

Our advice is stay away from surgery. It’s too risky and very expensive to get done and to fix if complications occur.

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