My penis enlargement story

I’m sharing my story with you because I’ve been where you are and I want to assist you in getting the most out of the going through the penis enlargement process that the majority of us men are searching for.

I remember being in high school and going to swimming classes. Having to change into my swimmers was a real embarrasement. All the other guys seemed to be bigger than I was, so I always tried to find ways of avoiding having to get changed in front of them. I used to think “ahh its just cause I’m still a teen. It’ll grow more when I’m older”. To my dismay, that just didn’t happen.

I always felt uncomfortable around girls in situations where they could see my size, this put a HUGE setback on my dating experiences. I’m sure you can relate to these experiences in some way.

When I was nineteen I remember reading through an adult magazine and seeing an add for penis pumps and how they could enlarge your penis. I immediately ordered one, and the day it turned up in the mail I was straight into using it. I was desperate to get a bigger dick. I soon found out that all the pump did was put alot of pressure on my dick and started to hurt alot. After reading about them more online, I realised that it was doing more damager than good. It was from doing that reading online that I started to search for other ways to enlarge my penis.

My penis enlargement story I soon found that there were sites out there that claimed to give you 3+ inches and more. Some of these sites had natural penis enlargement pills, others had penis enlargement devices and others even offered penis enlargement exercises. This really caught my attention, so like most guys would do, I skeptically tried some of these sites out.

I tried out the penis enlargement pills for around four months, all they seemed to do was make me feel harder. I did this with a number of differant pills available. They all seemed to do the same thing for me, just gave me the feeling of being harder. No actual size increase.

My penis enlargement story I bought one of the penis enlargement devices, they all seemed the same to me anyways, so I just bought the most cost effective one. I found that yes I did seem to be gaining some length, but to get the best results they recommended wearing it for a minimum of 12 hours a day. If you’ve never tried this, it’s very hard to wear a penis enlargement device for that long and lead a normal life at the same time.

So I went to the next stage. After reading more about the penis enlargement exercises, it seemed like the most logical way to go. It made sense that doing exercises could enlarge my penis. Since it is just a muscle after all, and works the same as the rest of our bodies muscles. I tried a few penis enlargement exercise sites out. Mostly they all offered pretty much the same few techniques. Their support was terrible, and trying to get more information out of them was like trying to get water out of a stone. But it did seem to work a little more than anything else I’d tried before.

My penis enlargement story I kept searching for better penis enlargement exercises, it wasn’t too long after that I found Penis-Health. Their site had me intrigued. They offered loads more penis enlargement techniques than any other I’d joined before. Plus they had a support forum where their members could post about their experiences with their penis enlargement gains. That really got my interest. They were even the best value for money out of all the penis enlargement exercise sites I’d tried, offering a lifetime membership at a great price.

I spent the next few days reading through their techniques and also reading their forum posts. It was a great community, everyone supporting everyone and offering more advice on what’s working for them and what’s not. I started using their penis enlargement techniques and within a few weeks noticed even more increases than I ever had before with anything else I’d tried.

After reading more on their forums I learnt that if I took the penis enlargement pills along with the exercises, I could increase my gains even faster. I’d taken the pills before and knew they made me feel harder, so I thought what the hell, I’ll take them again and see if it does make a differance. I’ll tell you this, they weren’t kidding. Within the first 2 weeks of taking the penis enlargement pills combined with the daily penis enlargement exercises, I had gained an extra half an inch in length and quater of an inch in girth. I was absolutely amazed.

After I’d finished 2 months of pills and the exercises I was an incredible 1.5inches longer and half an inch thicker in girth. My girlfriend was amazed. She couldn’t get over how much bigger it felt, and I seemed to last longer as well, an extra benefit I wasn’t expecting. I finished the 5 month supply of pills, keeping up the exercises the whole time. I finished at an amazing 2.4inches longer and 1.3 inches thicker. I was finally where I wanted to be.

It’s now been six months since I finished the last pill, and my gains have stayed exactly as they were on the day I finished. The beauty of Penis-Health, is that they even show you a cooling off technique to ensure you don’t lose your gains. All I can say is a huge thank you to their staff of Penis-Health for giving me this opportunity and recommend you at least have a look at what they have to offer. You won’t be dissapointed.

Jason F

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